September 29, 2018 – Monarch Migration and Bug Hunt

It was very exciting to see many families back for another year of WRN Kids — and lots of new families, too!  We’ve got some wonderful learning experiences lined up for 2018-19 for these Kids aged 7 to 12 who bring an adult along once a month to Laurel Creek Nature Centre.
We had a guest speaker to start our year.  Thanks to Mary-Anne for inviting Jeff Grant, a grade 10 student who is a butterfly and moth expert!  Jeff told about how he raises Monarchs in a greenhouse and we learned about their amazing life cycle and incredible migration.
Chris was our GRCA naturalist this time and he sent us out on a kind of hike/board game challenge about Monarch migration.  We followed a trail to find 18 stations where we rolled a die to see if we would lose a Monarch life.  Not everybody survived the treacherous journey!
Next, we went hunting live bugs with nets in the meadow.  And what a collection of creatures we caught!  Many butterflies, caterpillars, ants, beetles… and a frog!
Thanks to the volunteers — Linden, Linda, Pat, Paul, and Giselle — who helped all this happen.  See you next month, Kids!