October 27, 2018 – Water at Laurel Creek Nature Centre

We started Waterloo Region Nature Kids this time by meeting the friendly turtles who live inside at the nature centre. We learned about Painted Turtles, Snapping Turtles, and Red-eared Sliders — and which are supposed to be here and which are not. Garrison, one of the wonderful LCNC naturalists, told us amazing stuff about their shells, how they survive, and why they are endangered.

We usually explore nature NEAR Laurel Creek but this time, we were IN Laurel Creek! It was cold, windy and a bit rainy but we got our rubber boots on, brought the nets and buckets, and got right into the creek to see who lives there — and could still be found this late in the fall.

We were excited to catch fish, some very cool bugs, some strange creatures in early stages of development, tiny red Blood Worms — and a Northern Leopard Frog! (We hope it wasn’t the same one we caught last month during our bug hunt!) Our brave Kids and parents tolerated the cold and wet to share their discoveries and carefully return them to the creek. Happy overwintering, water creatures!

Thanks to naturalist Garrison; volunteers Linda, Giselle, Zack and Linden; and to all the Kids families! If your family has signed up for WRN Kids, don’t forget that next time, we’ll meet in the evening to look at the stars!

Marg Paré
WRN Kids coordinator