January 26, 2019 – Winter Tracking

Winter is tricky! Would we do snowshoeing or tracking at Laurel Creek Nature Centre for our January activity? The snow-rain-ice-snow over the previous few days didn’t make good snowshoeing conditions so the WRN Kids families transformed themselves into winter nature detectives and went tracking!

Our wonderful naturalist, Ian Hendry, got us thinking about how we might know what animals are around and we came up with lots of ideas. We bundled up, headed outside and found lots of evidence of creatures sharing space with us.

We saw tracks of all kinds. We found a tuft of deer fur beside deer tracks quite close to the nature centre door! We saw several different small mammal tunnels. We compared our feet size to tiny tracks.

We even saw an animal hole where we know an animal was in there breathing because of the ice crystals around the opening. We saw chewing and scratching evidence. Of course, we saw scat and learned a few unpleasant facts about rabbits’ strange eating habits! We even saw evidence of insects — a Goldenrod Gall and a cocoon! We saw lots of kinds of birds and an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit in person!

We learned lots about how to use our senses for tracking and we hope to practise our skills at home and in our neighbourhoods.

Stay tuned to find out whether we get to go snowshoeing for our February activity!