April 28, 2019 – Tree Planting

WRN Kids — Tree Planting — April 27, postponed to April 28, 2019

WRN Kids were looking forward to planting trees again this April, this time in the woods to fill in a thin area. But, on our last Saturday meeting day, there was a violent wind and we had to cancel! All those little trees still needed to get into ground so families who were available and some other generous helpers came out on Sunday afternoon to get the job done.

Mary-Anne Cain, coordinator at Laurel Creek Nature Centre, got us equipped and explained where we were headed.  We walked a long way to get to the spot!  Some folks worked at digging and planting and the others walked back and forth, carrying more trees to the planters.  Afterwards, we were all tired, happy and proud of our work.  Mary-Anne was probably the happiest of all since she has wanted new trees in that part of the woods for a long time!

Now the forest has about 40 new trees and we can go visit them to see how they’re growing and how that spot is filling in.  Thanks to Mary-Anne for the idea, to Paul Bigelow for organizing the finances, and to Paul (again), Jim Stewart, and Megan from Teens for answering our last-minute call for help…  and of course, thanks to the Kids families who reorganized their weekend, brought friends and siblings and worked so hard!  You’re the best!
Marg Paré